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Finn’s Point Rear Range Light and Supawna Meadows

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If you look through our blog, you can see we’ve done a lot of custom work for the New Jersey Lighthouse Society. They are one of our favorite clients. Often times they come to us with the spark of an idea and ask me to go to town with a design. This may have been my greatest challenge yet, and also my favorite end product.

The Finn’s Point Rear Range Light was built in Pennsville, NJ in 1877 and was recently incorporated into the Supawna Meadows National Wildlife Refuge and the NJLHS thought it would best to create some new shirts that incorporate both the Range Light and the Wildlife Refuge. I was lost from the start until I had the image of a setting sun as a backdrop – from there everything came easy. I incorporated some of the grasses and wildlife at the refuge, the birds flying across the sky emulate the National Wildlife Refuge System. A couple edits here and there and it was a great design.

We printed the shirt on a few different colors, that were all muted and earth-toned. I’m really excited with the way they came out, and wish I took some better pictures. We delivered a lot of shirts that day and by the time we delivered the Lighthouse shirts it was dark and raining. Regardless, I love the look and feel of the design.

Some of the finished shirts

GE Energy – looking good on the Job

Blair out in Kansas City saw the shirts we made for the USMMA Homecoming and realized he needed some t-shirts for the team at the GE plant where he works. They had a restriction of needing long-sleeve shirts constructed with only natural fibers, such as cotton, due to the operating environment. We were easily able to provide him with 100% Cotton t-shirts from Gildan. He supplemented the order with a few short sleeve shirts as well.

GE provided all the art – all we had to do was print and ship! Of course…I forgot to snap a photo before shipping it out, so all we’ve got to show you is the artwork.

Happy Birthday Stephen!

Wishing a WhizBanging Birthday to this suave dude!