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Bad Typeface follow-up

A few weeks back I posted a Blog entry titled “Anything But Comic Sans” about the importance of typeface. A little while after that I came across an amazing example of poor typeface design that I just had to share with you. While on Navy Reserve Duty aboard a ship owned by Uncle Sam, I came across this safety sign:

Not only does the sign use the dread Comic Sans font for the majority of the text, but when talking about “SUDDENLY VIOLENT MOVEMENT,” they use a font that is more appropriate for a 10 year-old’s lemonade stand – I belive it’s called CURLZ. This is a serious sign that is attempting to convey the importance of properly stowing equipment for sea, but instead comes across as a comic strip. Not heeding these warnings can lead serious injury! …And don’t get me started on the ‘WordArt’ title up top!

 Have you seen an egregious use of typeface? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

Anything but Comic Sans

I consider myself a bit of a font junkie. When charged with the task of creating a design for someone, my hardest decision is often choosing a typeface. I’ve got a few hundred installed on my computer, and sometimes I find myself scrolling through all the different fonts I have to try and find the exact right fit.

Why are fonts so important? The font sets the mood, your eyes go to the words first. J. Barnbrook of Virus Fonts says:

“A good typeface creates an emotional response in relation to the message it is conveying. You’re trying to get that tone of voice right – you can shout or whisper.”

We’ve all see posters or power-point presentations where it’s obvious someone used the wrong font; the internet loves to point out when you shouldn’t use Comic Sans. But if everything is right – we shouldn’t even notice the typeface – it should just feel natural.

The Brands of Helvetica

We’ve all identified brands by their typeface – you know the Google font (Catull), you know the Facebook font (Klavika Bold), and you know the Twitter font (Pico Alphabet). You know products that have their own, custom, fonts – like Coca-cola, Disney, and ESPN. And then there is Helvetica, one of the most used typefaces in the world – used by brands like Crate & Barrel, American Airlines, Jeep, Microsoft, CVS, and the NYC Subway system to name a few.

We’re even guilty of it ourselves. The Whizbang Concepts logo is created using Helvetica. The the proliferation of Helvetica throughout the world is explored in the 2007 documentary ‘Helvetica’, and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Getting back to using fonts here – I have a few ‘go-to’ fonts that I use more often than others. But I’m always trying to use them to convey the message. In the Music In Our Schools Month t-shirt, I wanted to emulate the Got Milk campaign, so I used Phenix American. In the USS Mesa Verde and BLK’s Brawlers shirts, I wanted to portray a certain strength and volume, so I used Reservoir Grunge. For a shirt about the Military, I may use Stencil or Airborne, and for a sports team I like to use Ballpark Wiener. This shirt for a senior class trip to Philadelphia, I used a less formal font called DKBabysitter.

The point is – every design needs a typeface, and choosing the right one is just as integral to the design as everything else


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I'm not even Irish....

This old photo (of an astonishingly handsome man) once graced the cover of our old 2006 catalog of our custom designs. That car happened to be sitting outside of Stephen’s house and it made for a fun photo. I’m wearing our old “Cutting the Cheese in Wisconsin” T-shirt, and in some other photos, I was actually eating some cheese. I know – real smooth…

We made a few shirts  for the fine folks at Kelly’s Logan House in Trolley Square over the years. In 2008, this was the St. Patrick’s day shirts we made for them. They always put on a great party this time of year.

Enjoy St. Paddy’s day!

Delaware Designs

Back in our days as Punch Apparel, we created a few t-shirts that were locally inspired and we sold them on our website. We’ve since closed that portion of the business, but those designs are still available for purchase here in Wilmington at the FRIENDLY GIFT SHOP in Branmar Plaza. We have three shirts for sale there all the time, some in long sleeve and sweatshirt varieties as well. If you have a shop, store, rest stop or website and are interested in carrying these shirts (or any of our old, original designs), please drop us a line!

The first is our famous ‘Delawhere?’ design.

Next is a kid’s shirt we call ‘Small Wonder’.

The third shirt is a play on the famous Delaware License Plate. Do you know why we chose the number 1787?

Last Weekend…making beer!

Last weekend, I traveled to Portsmouth, NH with our former business partner, Joe, to Smuttynose brewery. We helped to brew a special keg of beer for his upcoming wedding. We called it “Joe’s Cherry Jam Saison.” Great times!

Here’s a picture of Joe pouring hot water over the wort.

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The Website is Live!

Today we are happy to announce the launch of You can find information on the Creative Process we use, the methods of decorating clothing and view our portfolio. This blog will have information about our recent works, featured clients and other items of interest. A Big thanks to Colin at Awexome Labs for his hard work! Thanks for checking out WhizBang Concepts!

                                                       John and Steve

Welcome to WhizBang Concepts

Hi! We are WhizBang Concepts, a small business based in Wilmington, DE. We understand that first impressions mean everything. That’s why we want you to look your best. We provide custom screen-printed and embroidered clothing that showcases your company or organization in the best possible light or adds an entirely new dimension to it.

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