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Keeping Warm on the Job…

Ken Monroe wanted to thank his staff for a fantastic year. Working in the construction industry, it’s important to stay warm working outside in the elements. He asked if it was possible to embroider a logo onto Carhartt jackets. We’d never done it before, but we don’t back away from a challenge. In addition to the heavy quilted Carhartt jackets, he also went with some heavy zip-up Sweatjackets made by Dri-Duck.

In the end, I think everything came out fantastic, including his revamped logo! Stay warm out there!

Artwork on a T-shirt? Sure!

The NJ Lighthouse Society is one of our favorite clients. Admittedly, they come to us with some crazy ideas, and somehow we always make them work. This time, Brett gave me a pencil drawing that one of the members of the society created featuring all of the New Jersey Lights and asked if we could put in on a T-shirt. I was hesitant – things like that are tough with screen printing.

Click for a full size comparison.

Screen printing does not lend itself to gradients, and I worried about how the final image would look. I took the Jpeg he sent me and ran it through the ‘vectorizer’ – basically seeing how many colors I can reduce the image to and have it still look good. Amazingly, just a one color image (and therefore one screen) would have looked good, but two colors really popped and looked amazing. After I matched the font, I went to work on the front of the shirt. A few years ago I took their basic logo, colorized it, and enclosed it in the state of New Jersey. Now just had to DE-colorize it, and it was good to go!

We printed the image with Black ink and Grey ink on a few different color shirts and I think they came out great. They were able to distribute them to all the lighthouses in time for the Lighthouse Challenge of New Jersey, which took place October 20th and 21st.

Woodbury Nissan Drives for the Cure…

When Tina at Woodbury Nissan asked me if we were interested in designing a shirt for their 5th Annual Drive for the Cure fundraising event, I jumped at the chance. They host a great night with silent auction, and all proceeds went to the Susan G. Komen foundation to help combat breast cancer.

Design-wise – this is was an easy one for me. I had the idea the instant I got the email. I took the word DRIVE and placed in a NASCAR-like font. I was originally going to have wheels on it, like the word itself was the car, but I quickly realized the “E” gave me the opportunity to have tire tracks extend out and get the same overall effect. Done and done. I added the words For the Cure between them in a font that mimics the Komen font everyone is familiar with. Add a pink ribbon on the left side and the design was complete.

For the back I simply took their dealership logo and converted it to a one color design (no gradients) and placed it between the shoulder blades. The end result was a classy Pink on Pink shirt that we provided in both Men’s and Women’s styles. And it their event was a success! Their facebook page has a ton of photos here! We were honored to have been a part of it!

New Records for Gore’s Life Sciences Venting

Showing off a Banner Year!

Jess and the team at Gore’s Life Sciences Venting division had a great year. In the face of a struggling economy, they happened to set some new records and wanted to showcase their pride. Life Sciences Venting at Gore produces Rolled Goods and Molded Components, so they wanted to play off of those words if at all possible. They are also building for the future with some big internal changes, and wanted to incorporate that as well.

They didn’t give me much to go on with the design other than a few slogans like “Keep it Rolling“, “That’s how we Roll“, “Breaking the Mold“, and “Molding the Future“. So I went to work, trying to pull this all together. And let me tell you – they hated my first draft! But that’s ok – I want all possible feedback and never want a client to hold back. My vision didn’t line up with theirs at all, but it helped them come to a bit more of a consensus as to what they DID want – which was good!

With a little direction, I was in a much better place to design a well-received T-shirt. They gave me a little more info, and told me they had record Sales, Profits, On-Time Delivery and DL Productivity. They told me they definitely wanted to incorporate their business name – Life Sciences Venting. Back to the drawing board again, and after a few drafts we were able to come up with something they were proud of.

And preparing for next year and beyond…

The front features the slogan “That’s how we Roll” with four ‘rolls’ beneath it on an upward track that feature each of their new records. The back is simpler, and is a continuation of the upward track of the front, with the phrase “Molding a Brighter Future” to play off the molded components.

They chose a nicer style of t-shirt to use for this project. Rather than a standard 50-50 blend, they chose the CVC crew from Next Level. It’s a lighter weight shirt that also has a fitted cut. The color used is Warm Grey.

Overall, it’s a great looking shirt, and I hope the the Life Sciences Venting group can wear it with pride! As we say in the Navy – Bravo Zulu for a job well done!

Spring is the thing: Madden Landscaping

All this beautiful weather we’ve been having means fun in the sun, right? Shorts, T-shirts, and flip-flops come to mind. This spring certainly is something I’ve been waiting for because in a little more a month from now I’ll be married. Yeah, I think we can all agree that spring is the thing we’ve been waiting for, whatever our reasons.

For our friend and the owner of Madden Landscaping, Ed Ward, spring is serious business. As landscapers, spring is one of their busiest seasons.  Ed approached me in 2011 to outfit his crew with official Madden Landscaping T-shirts and just last week he ordered another batch.

Company-branded clothing achieves two things for Madden. First, the clothes put Madden’s customers and those people’s neighbors at ease, knowing that the men working on their lawn are in fact part of a legitimate company. A uniform conveys professionalism and consistent quality of work. Second, the clothes connect the quality of Madden’s work with the Madden Landscaping company. That’s called an “impression” in the advertising business, and we all know how important first impressions are.

One fun memory I have of working with Madden is John reproducing Madden’s logo from a photograph. When we started working with Madden, Ed had only an existing T-shirt with the logo, not a digital version of the logo. Undeterred by this, John told me to take a photograph of the shirt with my phone and email him the image. Within two hours, the logo was reproduced. Both Ed and I were amazed at how close the reproduced logo was to the original.

What’s your favorite springtime memory?

Congrats to BLK’s Brawlers!

On Sunday, 65 of BLK’s Brawlers joined over 4000 people who walked and ran in the Get Your Rear In Gear Philadelphia event. Gerry and his team raised over $6,000 in memory of Barbara Lynn Krauss to help combat colon cancer and were the TOP FUNDRAISING TEAM!!  We are happy to report that $750 of that was directly due to T-shirt sales!

Gerry deserves a second pat on the back for finishing his first 10K! Congrats Gerry – We’re proud to have helped!!

A Great day for BLK’s BRAWLERS!

It’s never to late to donate – visit BLK’s Brawlers Base of Operations for more info!

Get Your Rear in Gear!

WhizBang Concepts is proud to be making shirts for “BLK’s BRAWLERS” as they participate in the Philadelphia Get Your Rear in Gear Walk. This year’s walk is on March, 18th. WhizBang friend Gerry Krauss lost his mother to Colorectal Cancer last September and is walking in her honor.

Take a look at the case study for the walk-a-thon t-shirt we designed, and be sure to visit their BASE OF OPERATIONS if you are interested in walking with the Brawlers or donating to the cause.