Case Study: BLK’s Brawlers


Jerzees 50/50 Blend

White Shirt with Front and Back imprint


Gerry’s mom was recently diagnosed with Colorectal Cancer and he put together a walking team for the Get Your Rear in Gear Philadelphia Colon Cancer Walk. His team name is “BLK’s BRAWLERS.” His mother’s initials are BLK, and they’re Brawlers because they are all going to fight Cancer together.

His initial idea was to have his team name on the front, and some type of photo of his mother on the reverse and the phrase “Let’s Knock Out Cancer Together.” He included these logos for the front that he admittedly put together in Microsoft Paint with images he found on the internet.

It was obvious he was going with a boxing theme, but I, like his wife incidentally, had concerns that people looking at the shirt might not realize that the boxer is supposed to represent a ‘K’. I took at stab a redrawing his logo using one of my favorite fonts for a shirt – Reservoir Grunge. Instead of replacing the ‘K’ I replaced the apostrophe with a pair of boxing gloves. Gerry loved the result.

For the back of the shirt, Gerry sent me a few photos of his mother. Turning a photo into a one or two color design is not always as easy at it seems. Some photos just don’t work. Unfortunately, of the three photos Gerry sent me, none were conducive to turning it into a screen printed shirt. But before I went back to Gerry with the news, I wanted to be able to present him with an alternative.

I made a design reminiscent of an old Boxing promotional poster. Bold Lettering is key. And since we’re ‘Knocking Out’ Cancer, why not represent that? The idea I came up with is a boxer hovering over the word ‘Cancer’ that he had obviously just knocked out. Then I included his team logo, and the Get Your Rear in Gear Logo and sent it to Gerry. His response floored me. He loved it better than the photo idea. The shirts were a big hit as his team had 62 walkers who raised over $4000!







2012 update: Sadly, Gerry’s Mom lost her battle with Cancer in September of 2011. Gerry, and all of BLK’s Brawlers intend to keep fighting against cancer, and once again asked about the possibility of a photo on this year’s shirt. I was able to take this photo and edit it in such a way that it could be printed on a shirt.









This is the shirt that BLK’s Brawlers will be wearing this year. To support the Brawlers and their fight against Colorectal Cancer, please visit their BASE OF OPERATIONS.