Spring is the thing: Madden Landscaping

All this beautiful weather we’ve been having means fun in the sun, right? Shorts, T-shirts, and flip-flops come to mind. This spring certainly is something I’ve been waiting for because in a little more a month from now I’ll be married. Yeah, I think we can all agree that spring is the thing we’ve been waiting for, whatever our reasons.

For our friend and the owner of Madden Landscaping, Ed Ward, spring is serious business. As landscapers, spring is one of their busiest seasons.  Ed approached me in 2011 to outfit his crew with official Madden Landscaping T-shirts and just last week he ordered another batch.

Company-branded clothing achieves two things for Madden. First, the clothes put Madden’s customers and those people’s neighbors at ease, knowing that the men working on their lawn are in fact part of a legitimate company. A uniform conveys professionalism and consistent quality of work. Second, the clothes connect the quality of Madden’s work with the Madden Landscaping company. That’s called an “impression” in the advertising business, and we all know how important first impressions are.

One fun memory I have of working with Madden is John reproducing Madden’s logo from a photograph. When we started working with Madden, Ed had only an existing T-shirt with the logo, not a digital version of the logo. Undeterred by this, John told me to take a photograph of the shirt with my phone and email him the image. Within two hours, the logo was reproduced. Both Ed and I were amazed at how close the reproduced logo was to the original.

What’s your favorite springtime memory?

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Congrats to BLK’s Brawlers!

On Sunday, 65 of BLK’s Brawlers joined over 4000 people who walked and ran in the Get Your Rear In Gear Philadelphia event. Gerry and his team raised over $6,000 in memory of Barbara Lynn Krauss to help combat colon cancer and were the TOP FUNDRAISING TEAM!!  We are happy to report that $750 of that was directly due to T-shirt sales!

Gerry deserves a second pat on the back for finishing his first 10K! Congrats Gerry – We’re proud to have helped!!

A Great day for BLK’s BRAWLERS!

It’s never to late to donate – visit BLK’s Brawlers Base of Operations for more info!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I'm not even Irish....

This old photo (of an astonishingly handsome man) once graced the cover of our old 2006 catalog of our custom designs. That car happened to be sitting outside of Stephen’s house and it made for a fun photo. I’m wearing our old “Cutting the Cheese in Wisconsin” T-shirt, and in some other photos, I was actually eating some cheese. I know – real smooth…

We made a few shirts  for the fine folks at Kelly’s Logan House in Trolley Square over the years. In 2008, this was the St. Patrick’s day shirts we made for them. They always put on a great party this time of year.

Enjoy St. Paddy’s day!

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Happy Birthday Stephen!

Wishing a WhizBanging Birthday to this suave dude!

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Preston High – MIOSM

Every March, Preston High School in the Bronx puts on a concert for Music In Our Schools Month. They wanted a simple shirt this year – the girls requested Hot Pink shirts with black ink. Gildan makes a great Hot Pink shirt called Heliconia that fit the bill perfectly. I used the iconic font from the 1990’s GOT MILK campaign and changed it to GOT MUSIC? For that back we reused the musical PHS logo I drew for them last year. It’s a simple shirt, but it get’s the point across. We need more Music in our Schools!!!



Who made your T-shirt?

I am an avid listener of NPR’s Planet Money podcast. I find that they explain world economics in an incredibly interesting way, and make it so the non-economist can really understand how the global economy can affect them personally. Why am I writing about economics on this blog? Well, as it turns out cotton prices have been particularly volatile in the last few years, and that affects the prices we pay for the blank shirts, which in turn affect the prices you might pay for your screen-printed or embroidered shirt.

Planet Money actually did a series on T-shirts recently that I think is worth sharing. Did you know that while so many shirts are made in countries like China, Honduras or Indonesia, most of the cotton for those shirts still come from the good ole’ USA? Cotton is picked in places like west Texas, shipped overseas where it is turned into a T-shirt, and then shipped back to the United States. (As a side note, we do offer some shirts that are MADE IN THE USA, which we’ll detail in an upcoming blog post…)

The Travels of a T-shirt (Courtesy NPR)

It’s an amazing journey that Pietra Rivoli has detailed in her book The Travels of a T-Shirt in the Global Economy: An Economist Examines the Markets, Power, and Politics of World Trade (I haven’t read the book yet, but it’s on my list!) The Team at Planet Money and All Things Considered interview Pietra, and do some reporting of their own – I definitely recommend listening to some of these podcasts!

Planet Money has recently promised to update their listeners soon on their T-shirt project. It turns out it’s a much harder project than they anticipated. I’ll be sure to update you when the next t-shirt podcast airs!

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Delaware Designs

Back in our days as Punch Apparel, we created a few t-shirts that were locally inspired and we sold them on our website. We’ve since closed that portion of the business, but those designs are still available for purchase here in Wilmington at the FRIENDLY GIFT SHOP in Branmar Plaza. We have three shirts for sale there all the time, some in long sleeve and sweatshirt varieties as well. If you have a shop, store, rest stop or website and are interested in carrying these shirts (or any of our old, original designs), please drop us a line!

The first is our famous ‘Delawhere?’ design.

Next is a kid’s shirt we call ‘Small Wonder’.

The third shirt is a play on the famous Delaware License Plate. Do you know why we chose the number 1787?

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Last Weekend…making beer!

Last weekend, I traveled to Portsmouth, NH with our former business partner, Joe, to Smuttynose brewery. We helped to brew a special keg of beer for his upcoming wedding. We called it “Joe’s Cherry Jam Saison.” Great times!

Here’s a picture of Joe pouring hot water over the wort.

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The Website is Live!

Today we are happy to announce the launch of www.whizbangconcepts.com. You can find information on the Creative Process we use, the methods of decorating clothing and view our portfolio. This blog will have information about our recent works, featured clients and other items of interest. A Big thanks to Colin at Awexome Labs for his hard work! Thanks for checking out WhizBang Concepts!

                                                       John and Steve


Lean Mean Tech

We just completed some T-shirts and Polos for our friends down at Lean Mean Tech down in Austin. They’ll be wearing them at their SXSW booth, which we think is really cool. If you need some help with your mobile website, you should check them out!

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