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Hi! We are WhizBang Concepts, a small business based in Wilmington, DE. We understand that first impressions mean everything. That’s why we want you to look your best. We provide custom screen-printed and embroidered clothing that showcases your company or organization in the best possible light or adds an entirely new dimension to it.

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Keeping Warm on the Job…

Ken Monroe wanted to thank his staff for a fantastic year. Working in the construction industry, it’s important to stay warm working outside in the elements. He asked if it was possible to embroider a logo onto Carhartt jackets. We’d never done it before, but we don’t back away from a challenge. In addition to the heavy quilted Carhartt jackets, he also went with some heavy zip-up Sweatjackets made by Dri-Duck.

In the end, I think everything came out fantastic, including his revamped logo! Stay warm out there!

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Finn’s Point Rear Range Light and Supawna Meadows

Click for a larger image

If you look through our blog, you can see we’ve done a lot of custom work for the New Jersey Lighthouse Society. They are one of our favorite clients. Often times they come to us with the spark of an idea and ask me to go to town with a design. This may have been my greatest challenge yet, and also my favorite end product.

The Finn’s Point Rear Range Light was built in Pennsville, NJ in 1877 and was recently incorporated into the Supawna Meadows National Wildlife Refuge and the NJLHS thought it would best to create some new shirts that incorporate both the Range Light and the Wildlife Refuge. I was lost from the start until I had the image of a setting sun as a backdrop – from there everything came easy. I incorporated some of the grasses and wildlife at the refuge, the birds flying across the sky emulate the National Wildlife Refuge System. A couple edits here and there and it was a great design.

We printed the shirt on a few different colors, that were all muted and earth-toned. I’m really excited with the way they came out, and wish I took some better pictures. We delivered a lot of shirts that day and by the time we delivered the Lighthouse shirts it was dark and raining. Regardless, I love the look and feel of the design.

Some of the finished shirts

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The Man, The Myth, The Legend…

BobbySpringBobby Spring turned thirty a few weeks ago, and his Sister and Brother-in-Law helped to throw him the bash of all bashes – complete with custom T-shirts. Now Bobby Spring, or as the shirt refers to him –

 Generalissimo Robert B. Spring, Esq, IV

– is quite the man about town. Architect by day, Delaware Sports League MVP by afternoon, and by night? – why he’s The Most Interesting(30-year old) Man in the Wilm…ington.  Happy Birthday Bobby!

The Most Interesting Man in the Wilm!

The Most Interesting Man in the Wilm!

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Still helping little old ladies across the street…


The newly initiated Cub Scouts of Pack 131 in Audubon, NJ can’t be expected to wear their neckerchiefs every day… so when the neckerchief is in the wash, young scouts need a way to let those little old ladies know that a respectable boy, and not a young ruffian, is helping them cross the street. I’d say this T-shirt accomplishes that!

See more photos in the portfolio!

Are you a Den Mother or Father interested in outfitting your Pack or your Troop in something similar? Drop us a line!

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There’s something about a shirt that just announces to the world that you are on the STAFF that is rewarding to wear. All kidding aside, having STAFF shirts is a good business practice. In business, it announces to your clients that this person is an employee.

In this case – it was for a school. The Teachers and Staff at the National Park Elementary School in National Park, NJ ordered a variety of Polo shirts and Fleece Jackets to wear while on the job. It helps parents and students identify school workers, and from the teachers point of view, it can serve as a uniform so the elementary students stop “ruining my good clothes!” (Their words….not mine!)

Be on the lookout for the National Park School spiritwear coming next month!

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Honor a Veteran today…and Everyday

As always, we’re honored to help out American Legion Post 133 in Woodbury, NJ as they pay tribute to our Veterans on a daily basis. We’ve made custom shirts for them in the past, usually custom t-shirts with a patriotic and military message, that they’ve sold around the area and at the Legion Post to raise money for veterans in the community. This year’s sweatshirt is no different – it’s a simple shirt with a powerful message:

Honor our Veterans.

Those who’ve fought in the past, those who are fighting now, and those who’ll fight for us in the future.

It’s an apt message today….

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Artwork on a T-shirt? Sure!

The NJ Lighthouse Society is one of our favorite clients. Admittedly, they come to us with some crazy ideas, and somehow we always make them work. This time, Brett gave me a pencil drawing that one of the members of the society created featuring all of the New Jersey Lights and asked if we could put in on a T-shirt. I was hesitant – things like that are tough with screen printing.

Click for a full size comparison.

Screen printing does not lend itself to gradients, and I worried about how the final image would look. I took the Jpeg he sent me and ran it through the ‘vectorizer’ – basically seeing how many colors I can reduce the image to and have it still look good. Amazingly, just a one color image (and therefore one screen) would have looked good, but two colors really popped and looked amazing. After I matched the font, I went to work on the front of the shirt. A few years ago I took their basic logo, colorized it, and enclosed it in the state of New Jersey. Now just had to DE-colorize it, and it was good to go!

We printed the image with Black ink and Grey ink on a few different color shirts and I think they came out great. They were able to distribute them to all the lighthouses in time for the Lighthouse Challenge of New Jersey, which took place October 20th and 21st.

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Woodbury Nissan Drives for the Cure…

When Tina at Woodbury Nissan asked me if we were interested in designing a shirt for their 5th Annual Drive for the Cure fundraising event, I jumped at the chance. They host a great night with silent auction, and all proceeds went to the Susan G. Komen foundation to help combat breast cancer.

Design-wise – this is was an easy one for me. I had the idea the instant I got the email. I took the word DRIVE and placed in a NASCAR-like font. I was originally going to have wheels on it, like the word itself was the car, but I quickly realized the “E” gave me the opportunity to have tire tracks extend out and get the same overall effect. Done and done. I added the words For the Cure between them in a font that mimics the Komen font everyone is familiar with. Add a pink ribbon on the left side and the design was complete.

For the back I simply took their dealership logo and converted it to a one color design (no gradients) and placed it between the shoulder blades. The end result was a classy Pink on Pink shirt that we provided in both Men’s and Women’s styles. And it their event was a success! Their facebook page has a ton of photos here! We were honored to have been a part of it!

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GE Energy – looking good on the Job

Blair out in Kansas City saw the shirts we made for the USMMA Homecoming and realized he needed some t-shirts for the team at the GE plant where he works. They had a restriction of needing long-sleeve shirts constructed with only natural fibers, such as cotton, due to the operating environment. We were easily able to provide him with 100% Cotton t-shirts from Gildan. He supplemented the order with a few short sleeve shirts as well.

GE provided all the art – all we had to do was print and ship! Of course…I forgot to snap a photo before shipping it out, so all we’ve got to show you is the artwork.

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McKean Defense has a Football Team? Probably better than the Eagles!

McKean defense has been a big player in the Philadelphia Sports and Social Leagues down at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. Last year we helped them with some spiffy looking t-shirts for their softball team. Now that TEAM McKEAN has moved to the gridiron, they’re going to need something a little more than ‘just a t-shirt’. Enter Moisture Wicking! Today’s technology has led to a ton of new and exciting products that can be used by athletes (casual or otherwise) to help improve performance while maintaining overall comfort. McKean picked one of the higher-end dry-wik shirts made by UltraClub and they look darn spiffy if I do say so myself!



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