About Us

WhizBang Concepts is all about getting your job done. Our goal is to make the process of creating promotional clothing easy for you. We’ll take your raw ideas and deliver a professional, finished product that you will be proud to represent you, your business, your organization or your event. No pushy salespeople, flashy catalogs, or bargain-basement shopping—just quality decoration at the right price, always delivered on time.

The WhizBang Concepts team has been designing and producing quality products since 2005. Originally named Punch Apparel, we started as a novelty T-shirt company making and selling  funny T-shirts on our website. (Read more about our Punch Apparel History) However, the WhizBang story began in 2006 when a local restaurateur read about us in a local entertainment magazine. This restaurant had been trying to merchandize T-shirts, but they had little success.  Impressed by our creativity, the restaurateur commissioned us to design a new, more visually appealing T-shirt. The new shirt was a success. From this success, a new business model was born.

We found the restaurateur’s problem was common and we decided to re-focus our business on creatively solving the apparel problems of organizations and companies alike. We closed up shop as Punch Apparel in 2009 and started anew in 2010 by renaming ourselves WhizBang Concepts.

Today, our business is about serving your needs. If you:

  • Have no idea what you want on your shirt or clothing – we can conceptualize it for you.
  • Have a design idea but can’t draw a logo yourself – we can draw it for you.
  • Have the logo, but don’t know what to put it on – we can find the right product for you.
  • Have everything above – we can complete the project on time and within budget.

We understand that first impressions mean everything. That’s why we want you to look your best.

Steve and John

WhizBang Concepts is owned and operated by John Fusco and Stephen Parlow, both transplants to Wilmington, DE from White Plains, NY, where they met in high school. The two friends went their separate ways during college and then discovered that they both relocated to Wilmington for work. John lives in the Brandywine Hundred with his wife Lisa, and their daughter Tessa. He works full-time in Philadelphia as a Marine Engineer and is a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy reserve. Stephen lives in Wilmington with his wife Becky. He works full-time as a Business Analyst in Wilmington and is an avid skier and cyclist.