Artwork on a T-shirt? Sure!

The NJ Lighthouse Society is one of our favorite clients. Admittedly, they come to us with some crazy ideas, and somehow we always make them work. This time, Brett gave me a pencil drawing that one of the members of the society created featuring all of the New Jersey Lights and asked if we could put in on a T-shirt. I was hesitant – things like that are tough with screen printing.

Click for a full size comparison.

Screen printing does not lend itself to gradients, and I worried about how the final image would look. I took the Jpeg he sent me and ran it through the ‘vectorizer’ – basically seeing how many colors I can reduce the image to and have it still look good. Amazingly, just a one color image (and therefore one screen) would have looked good, but two colors really popped and looked amazing. After I matched the font, I went to work on the front of the shirt. A few years ago I took their basic logo, colorized it, and enclosed it in the state of New Jersey. Now just had to DE-colorize it, and it was good to go!

We printed the image with Black ink and Grey ink on a few different color shirts and I think they came out great. They were able to distribute them to all the lighthouses in time for the Lighthouse Challenge of New Jersey, which took place October 20th and 21st.

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John is the Graphic design engine at WhizBang Concepts. He lives in North Wilmington, DE with his wife Lisa, and their daughter Tessa and works full-time in Philadelphia as a Marine Engineer. John is a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy reserve and enjoys following the NY Yankees and NY Giants.