Senior Trip to Philly!


Each year, members of the senior class from Good Counsel Academy in White Plains, NY take a trip to Philadelphia, and we’ve had the privilege of creating a unique t-shirt design for them each time. (All of which can be found in the Schools section of the Portfolio).

This year I used the Liberty Bell as the backdrop, and filled in some pertinent information about the trip in the the bell. It’s a fairly simple design, but I really like the way it came out. There are a few keys to the design for me. First is the GCA at the top where the ‘wood’ of the Liberty Bell would be. (By the way, in case you couldn’t figure it out – that’s Good Counsel Academy) The second is the iconic Liberty Bell crack, which I made sure cuts through the wording as well.

For the second year in a row we’ve printed these shirts on v-necks. It’s an all-girl school, and the v-necks add a touch of femininity. Overall, I think they came out great!


About john

John is the Graphic design engine at WhizBang Concepts. He lives in North Wilmington, DE with his wife Lisa, and their daughter Tessa and works full-time in Philadelphia as a Marine Engineer. John is a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy reserve and enjoys following the NY Yankees and NY Giants.

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