New Records for Gore’s Life Sciences Venting

Showing off a Banner Year!

Jess and the team at Gore’s Life Sciences Venting division had a great year. In the face of a struggling economy, they happened to set some new records and wanted to showcase their pride. Life Sciences Venting at Gore produces Rolled Goods and Molded Components, so they wanted to play off of those words if at all possible. They are also building for the future with some big internal changes, and wanted to incorporate that as well.

They didn’t give me much to go on with the design other than a few slogans like “Keep it Rolling“, “That’s how we Roll“, “Breaking the Mold“, and “Molding the Future“. So I went to work, trying to pull this all together. And let me tell you – they hated my first draft! But that’s ok – I want all possible feedback and never want a client to hold back. My vision didn’t line up with theirs at all, but it helped them come to a bit more of a consensus as to what they DID want – which was good!

With a little direction, I was in a much better place to design a well-received T-shirt. They gave me a little more info, and told me they had record Sales, Profits, On-Time Delivery and DL Productivity. They told me they definitely wanted to incorporate their business name – Life Sciences Venting. Back to the drawing board again, and after a few drafts we were able to come up with something they were proud of.

And preparing for next year and beyond…

The front features the slogan “That’s how we Roll” with four ‘rolls’ beneath it on an upward track that feature each of their new records. The back is simpler, and is a continuation of the upward track of the front, with the phrase “Molding a Brighter Future” to play off the molded components.

They chose a nicer style of t-shirt to use for this project. Rather than a standard 50-50 blend, they chose the CVC crew from Next Level. It’s a lighter weight shirt that also has a fitted cut. The color used is Warm Grey.

Overall, it’s a great looking shirt, and I hope the the Life Sciences Venting group can wear it with pride! As we say in the Navy – Bravo Zulu for a job well done!

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John is the Graphic design engine at WhizBang Concepts. He lives in North Wilmington, DE with his wife Lisa, and their daughter Tessa and works full-time in Philadelphia as a Marine Engineer. John is a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy reserve and enjoys following the NY Yankees and NY Giants.

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