Sometimes it Rains….

Polo Embroidery

The Navy has teams of engineers who manage the installation of Machinery Alterations (MACHALT) on ships around the world. While not getting into the specifics of their job, they need to make sure the sailors know who they represent. A year or two ago they approached us and we made some sweet-looking embroidered polo shirts (in a few different colors) that the engineers could wear on-board during installations. They worked out great and the team liked being able to represent themselves professionally.

Jacket Embroidery

Now you might think working for the shoreside Navy is great – think about it – you’re always near the beach. Lots of these installs happen in sunny San Diego, or Jacksonville, FL. But…they also do work in places like Bremerton, WA, and Norfolk, VA. Well guess what – it rains there sometimes. And in the case of Bremerton, WA, it rains there ALL the time. So they came back and asked about some rain jackets. After a lot of deliberation, they finally settled on the Ultra Club Adult Micro-Polyester Full-Zip Jacket with Hood (try saying that five times fast) and they chose to get them in a neutral color (Sand). Anyway, We just finished them and I think they look great. Take a look!

About john

John is the Graphic design engine at WhizBang Concepts. He lives in North Wilmington, DE with his wife Lisa, and their daughter Tessa and works full-time in Philadelphia as a Marine Engineer. John is a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy reserve and enjoys following the NY Yankees and NY Giants.

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