Running in the Dark

This is the front of the shirt - Hover to see it Glow!

Eva, Steve and their Run Club in Washington, DC participate in the American Odyssey Relay every year. This relay is different than most relays you may be familiar with. Teams of 12 runners start in Gettysburg, PA and they run 200 miles to Washington, DC non-stop through the night. They run for two days and one night, running in shifts. When they aren’t running, they are sleeping in a van that is driving alongside their runner. All in all, it’s an impressive event and any team that finishes deserves to be proud. This year’s race is this coming weekend.

Eva contacted me about making shirts for their team after hearing that we had used Glow-in-the-Dark in on a previous shirt. She thought it would be fun to use Glow-in-the-Dark ink on their shirts since some of the running was done during the night. The Glow ink is actually clear, so we just overlay the glow ink over the white ink on the shirt using the same screen. It came out great – hover your mouse over the pictures to see the shirt Glow! (Actual photograph!)

This is the back of the shirt - Hover to see it Glow!

They wanted the art for the shirt to be simple- CHURCHKEY is the bar in Washington that sponsors their team (“Run Loves”) and the post-race afterparty, and their team name, as well as the text on the reverse, is written in the font Fatboy Slim. They asked me to draw a heart in place of the ‘o’ in ‘loves’ in the same style as the font, which wasn’t a problem. As for the make and model of the shirt – they used Next Level CVC Crew in turquoise. They had received a Next Level shirt from a previous race and really liked the fit and the feel and of the fabric. It’s a great alternative to American Apparel, and it’s cheaper as well.

Steve even modeled the shirt for us when we delivered it. Good luck in the race this weekend!


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